Evelin Wentland, Germany, August 2019

Thank you very much for some great two weeks at your language school. The lessons were fun and I enjoyed the time in class. It helped me to understand Russian grammar better and I’m motivated to keep studying!

Evelin139 /at/ yahoo.de

Christine Schlecht, Germany, August 2019

Thank you for two wonderful weeks, I could really improve my Russian. My Russian host was very nice and we had a lot of interesting conversations and even parties.

Christine.schlecht /at/ yahoo.com

Tjasa Cankar, Slovenia, August 2019

My stay in Russia was short but with ProBa School I managed to train myself to the level of Russian that I was able to communicate in everyday situations. They provided me with accommodation located right in the city center so I was able to discover city with great details. Classes were fun and interactive, we had a lot of dialogues and communicated a lot. My stay with ProBa School definitely enthused me to learn Russian further and to perhaps come study again in another year!

Cankar.tjasa /at/ gmail.com

Lien Hoang, China, July 2019

The school is flexible to work and provide classes that fit my needs. Great teacher and admin took care of whatever I needed. I had excellent and caring teacher. Thank you Proba for an enjoyable 3 weeks experience of learning Russian and time to explore the city of Saint-Petersburg.

lienhoang /at/ gmail.com

Maruxa Balinas, July 2019

Studying Russian here is very easy. Teachers are enthusiastic, classes are funny and varied. Friendly atmosphere. I fit in well in the class. The other students were funny and we enjoyed our classes.

maruxabalinas /at/ gmail.com

Christina Jelinek, Germany, June 2019

Thank you for the amazing time in St.Petersburg, learned a lot of Russian, saw a lot of cool places and met nice people. Спасибо и до скорой встречи!

christinajelinek /at/ gmx.de


Mike Emge, United States, June 2019

It was challenging and fun. I attended this school previously and it was successful. Always a pleasure to attend.

Mikeemge135 /at/ gmail.com

Guillermo Hernandez, Spain, June 2019

I am completely satisfied with the course. I chose this school because of location, hours, price and everything included. Thank you Natalia, Oleg and Masha. It was a great experience, a great atmosphere and I learnt a lot in this short time!

guillermohdezmnoz /at/ gmail.com


Christoph Wille, Germany, June 2019

There is a very good atmosphere in the school. It is located right in the center of SPb where all the bars, restaurants are. You can reach the cultural attractions by foot.

cwi / at /mail.de

Jeanne Milot-Poulin, Canada, June 2019

I progressed a lot. My teacher Maria provided very interesting lessons. I had a very great time! I really recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn Russian while enjoying the beautiful city of Saint-Petersburg.

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