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Christian Kohlheim, France, 2020

Your school seemed to me the more reliable and the more serious.
If you are serious about learning Russian, if you are keen on knowing everything one needs to marker Russian grammar and all level, vocabulary then Proba school is you school, I think this is where you can find the best teachers you will ever meet. Working hand you will make quickly a big step a head.

Christian Kohlheim                   

Raymond Dupuis, Canada, 2020

Мне очень нравились русские занятия с Мариной. Она дала мне много ключей к лучшему пониманию русского языка!! 😀 

Raymond Dupuis                                 

Gerard Moutet, France, 2020

The school proposition corresponds to my needs: good location, flexibility, reasonable price.
The courses and teacher fully correspond to the need I expected. Very helpful atmosphere in the school.

Gerard Moutet                       

Evelin Wentland, Germany, August 2019

Thank you very much for some great two weeks at your language school. The lessons were fun and I enjoyed the time in class. It helped me to understand Russian grammar better and I’m motivated to keep studying!

Evelin139 /at/ yahoo.de

Christine Schlecht, Germany, August 2019

Thank you for two wonderful weeks, I could really improve my Russian. My Russian host was very nice and we had a lot of interesting conversations and even parties.

Christine.schlecht /at/ yahoo.com

Tjasa Cankar, Slovenia, August 2019

My stay in Russia was short but with ProBa School I managed to train myself to the level of Russian that I was able to communicate in everyday situations. They provided me with accommodation located right in the city center so I was able to discover city with great details. Classes were fun and interactive, we had a lot of dialogues and communicated a lot. My stay with ProBa School definitely enthused me to learn Russian further and to perhaps come study again in another year!

Cankar.tjasa /at/ gmail.com

Lien Hoang, China, July 2019

The school is flexible to work and provide classes that fit my needs. Great teacher and admin took care of whatever I needed. I had excellent and caring teacher. Thank you Proba for an enjoyable 3 weeks experience of learning Russian and time to explore the city of Saint-Petersburg.

lienhoang /at/ gmail.com

Maruxa Balinas, July 2019

Studying Russian here is very easy. Teachers are enthusiastic, classes are funny and varied. Friendly atmosphere. I fit in well in the class. The other students were funny and we enjoyed our classes.

maruxabalinas /at/ gmail.com

Christina Jelinek, Germany, June 2019

Thank you for the amazing time in St.Petersburg, learned a lot of Russian, saw a lot of cool places and met nice people. Спасибо и до скорой встречи!

christinajelinek /at/ gmx.de


Mike Emge, United States, June 2019

It was challenging and fun. I attended this school previously and it was successful. Always a pleasure to attend.

Mikeemge135 /at/ gmail.com

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