Dorien van den Helm, Netherlands, June 2018

Thank you very much for the nice lessons in pleasant atmosphere! I also enjoyed the ‘Matryoshka painting’ master-class very much! Also, my teacher, Natalia, is very supportive and has a motivating attitude. I’ll definitely come back as soon as possible!


Auli Kuivalainen, Finland, May 2018

I had the best teacher! I have been so lucky to have Alexandra as my teacher! I cannot find enough positive adjectives to describe her qualification as a teacher. She knew my tempo of learning. She is just outstanding in everything conserning teaching Russian. She is amazing. Her personality is also so lovely. I have learned really much during 2 weeks. I want to come back this year and continue to study the Russian language with her. I started at beginner’s level, so I knew only the letters. After 2 weeks, I left the course with so much knowledge! My host Anastasia was so nice as well! She is always happy and friendly, very social. It was nice to return home in the afternoon after classes, her smile is each time welcoming. Also, the location of the apartment I lived in was convenient: it was near the metro and the school, shops, banks, etc. My best recommendations!


Gerard, France, May 2018

I’ve already been studying the Russian language for several years, so I wanted to find courses that will meet my needs and, luckily, I managed to find what I needed! My teacher, Maria, was very kind and explained the material of the lessons in a very clear and easy way.


Lilian Silveira, Brazil, May 2018

I really liked the professionalism and friendliness of the teachers and school staff. My teacher Ilona was the best! She was always prepared for our lessons and we had so much fun! I wish I had more time to spend there!


Andre, May 2018

I am really happy to find the Proba School! I heard about the School from my co-worker and decided to give it a try, and I wasn’t disappointed. An atmosphere in the school is friendly and teachers have really professional approach to teaching Russian.


Benoit Clicheroux, Belgium, April 2018

I spent a whole semester in Saint-Petersburg. The school was always the best part of the days! My teachers were amazing! Host Anastasia was very friendly and helpful, I’m so glad, I’ve got a chance to experience the hospitality of the Russian family.

Claudia Holenstein, Switzerland, April 2018

Good location of the School, friendly staff. Natalia, my teacher, is an open-minded, friendly and impulsive person, who knows exactly what we should learn and how to teach us. Anastasia, a host, is an open, friendly and talkative person. I really liked her as well.

Sasha Quak, Australia, April 2018

Ilona, my teacher at ProBa, was very patient and flexible. I’m very happy with my lessons!


Marta Brundu, Italy, April 2018

I am completely satisfied with the course I have had and my teachers. I definitely increased my knowledge of Russian. Спасибо большое!


Manja Neuhaus, Germany, February 2018

I spent very enjoyable time and learned a lot. Would recommend to study in this School for those, who really want to learn the Russian language.

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