Noelle Sardet, Switzerland, December 2017

I stayed at Proba for 3 months. My teachers Svetlana and Yana were good: Svetlana was really good for  speaking and Yana for speaking & grammar.  My host-family, Anastasia is really kind, helpful, easy-going and communicative person! It was a pleasure to live with her. Thanks for 3 months laughing, learning and discovering  Russia in your school! You’ve got really nice and  helpful teachers and secretary. I’ll always remember St. Petersburg 🙂

Gabby Sanders, USA, December 2017

I really enjoyed my classes here. Natalia is an amasing teacher! No complaints; I love her.  Host Irina took a bit to a warm up to us. Was very kind eventually.  Proba is a wonderful school! Their lessons and location  keep me coming back. The stuff is super sweet as well.  I already plan to come back in the future.


Johannes Vahtoranta, Finland, November 2017

The course itself was completely satisfying. Alexandra  is very professional and demanding (good). She is also  truly interested about lessons and pupil as a student  and person.

Katherine Dolan, USA, November 2017

Very good community and classes. Natalia, my teacher,  is awesome. She involves students, makes people understand.


Etienne Aslanoff, France, November 2017

It’s the good quality, not expensive courses. My  teachrs, Jana and Maria, are very pedagogical.  I really enjoyed this school and the city, hope to be  able to come back here one day! Спасибо!


Giuseppe Dardano, Italy, November 2017

Meeting so nice people and seeing so many smiles around  made my staying in St. Petersburg truly special!  My relations with host was very good. Irina was very  kind and helpful.
Thank you!

David Garcia, Spain, November 2017

I participated in group course at Proba and I’m  satisfied. Ilona was my teacher, and she teaches  excellent. She explains grammar well and her classes  are funny.  Details about course and accomodation were correct.


Gary Gabriel, France, November 2017

I’m completely satisfied. It’s the nice atmosphere at the school and Maria is devoted teacher.

Giuseppe Polato, Italy, October 2017

Thank you for this intensive begginers lessons!

Julia Sandmaier, Germany, October 2017

I learned a lot at this school. My teacher Ilona is funny, motivated and know what the students need.
With my host we spoke during the breakfast and dinner and she adapted well to my shedule and food wishes.


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