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James Lumby, UK, December 2018

Thank you for my stay in St Petersburg! Completely satisfied with the course and teacher.


Mark Montgomery, Belgium, December 2018

My teachers were excellent and professional. Host family is located in walking distance from the school and from Nevsky Prospect. The family was good and very friendly.


Dominati Claudia, November 2018

Excellent and communicative mood during class! I am completely satisfied about the school. The staff is very friendly, helpful, warm and always in a happy positive mood.


Shedy Sobet, November 2018

The course covers every aspect of learning and it’s easily adapted on the base of students’ needs. My teacher had always been very prepared, attentive, patient and able to keep the course interesting and funny at the same time. Thanks a lot for providing such an interesting insight of the russian language and always with a warm smile.


Natalie Lumby, UK, November 2018

Completely satisfied with the course and teacher. Good work!


Yucheng Gan, China, November 2018

My teacher was very good and professional. I was impressed by her knowledge of languages. I lived in the host family and it was also good.


Boris Samacovlieff, Germany, September 2018

I’m completely satisfied with the course, as I wanted to have a basic look into the language and to have an idea how to study the Russian language – so the course I’ve had absolutely met my requirements. It was my first time in St.Petersburg and I was very pleased with the city and the people, their lifestyle, etc. The ProBa School is good organised and very helpful. I’ve had no problems at all. I will definitely return to Russia and stay in St.Petersburg longer, if it’s possible. Definitely fell in love with the city and the School!


Maria Balinas Perez, September 2018

Natalia is a good teacher. I was in a small group, so each student received as much attention as needed. We spoke a lot in the classroom and outside – we became a really good friends. I felt like at home! And St.Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I had a marvelous holiday here, studying and relaxing.


Pierre du Sartel, France, August 2018

The group course was really useful for me – I learned a lot of new things. The teacher, Natalia, explained everything very clearly and easy.


Laurent Giudici, France, August 2018

My friend recommended me to learn Russian in the ProBa School. I wasn’t disappointed. Totally would suggest anyone, who wants to learn the Russian Language, visiting the ProBa Language School and enjoy Saint-Petersburg. 

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