Cultural program

Cultural program


Learning Russian in St Petersburg

ProBa Language Centre offer Russian Language Courses in St. Petersburg – the city which is widely known as the cultural capital of Russia.
When you arrive in St. Petersburg you will enter one of the most amazing pages in the history of European culture. The majestic architectural ensembles of St. Petersburg stretching along the banks of the wide and deep Neva decorated the diverging rays of its thoroughfares and vistas of its squares. 
To make sure you fully enjoy the magnificent city, ProBa Russian Language Centre offers rich cultural program. Whatever is your reason for studying the Russian Language our goal is to make sure that you enjoy your course and stay in St. Petersburg and receive the maximum benefit from your time in Russia.


group excursions in St PetersburgSt. Petersburg is beautiful at any time of the year. In order to make this magnificent city known to our students, we offer rich cultural program, such as sight-seeing tours, theatre visits (opera/ballet), excursions devoted to various topics (e. g. Russian orthodoxy, economics), museums and galleries (e.g. the Hermitage), factory visits, shopping tours and excursions to the countryside, suburbs and other cities like Moscow, Novgorod, Pskov.


Study Excursions

our study excursionAs a rule, our Study Excursions are in Russian adjusted to the participants’ language level. But we also have the possibility to arrange excursions and lectures in German, French or English. Our excursions are designed as study excursions, when a guide uses “adapted” Russian to help the students not only to get some extra vocabulary knowledge, but also to practice there conversational skills. These excursions are arranged in a way that even a beginner will not waste time and enlarge their Russian vocabulary. Study excursions are the part of the educational program and are usually devoted to different topics covered at the lessons. 
Students can look through the weekly program of events and choose what they like best:

View file “School ecursions for international students” 

View file “St Petersburg of Dostoevsky – school district”


Travel to Moscov, Pskov, Novgorod

At school we can help you to organize trips to different Russian cities. The full-package special travel proposals including train tickets are avaliable for our students. These trips help you to discover Russia, to learn of the dialect diversity of the Russian Language and to become more experienced in Russia’s daily life.

moscowThe capital of Russia is Moscow. Moscow is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities of Europe with more than 850-years history. “The Heart of
Russia”, that’s how the Russians call the capital, is a unique combination of unforgettable features of an old Russian city and a modern European character. The city is located on seven hills. The Kremlin with its beautiful red walls and famous towers is situated on one of them. The Kremlin is certainly the heart of Moscow.



novgorodThe “New Town” (as its name means in Russian) of Novgorod is definitely not new: Dating back to the 9th century, this illustrious town, three hours south from St. Petersburg, was once a creative center of the nation. In Imperial days, it was known as Novgorod The Great, and today, it still reveals its grand heritage in its cathedrals, museums, and classic Slavic architecture. Visitors who travel to the city of 190,000 inhabitants are rewarded by its wealth of cultural attractions.


Travel to Moscow and Novgorod Summary

Destination Duration Price Program
Moscow 2 days

EURO 280

Train tickets (3rd class), 2 excursions: sightseeng tour by bus, Moscow Kremlin with visit the Armory, accommodation in the hotel***
Novgorod 1 day EURO 50 Bus tickets, excursions to Novgorod Kremlin, Cathedral, Monastery, Russian Old Village (Russian speaking guide)
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