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Guillermo Hernandez, Spain, June 2019

I am completely satisfied with the course. I chose this school because of location, hours, price and everything included. Thank you Natalia, Oleg and Masha. It was a great experience, a great atmosphere and I learnt a lot in this short time!

guillermohdezmnoz /at/ gmail.com


Christoph Wille, Germany, June 2019

There is a very good atmosphere in the school. It is located right in the center of SPb where all the bars, restaurants are. You can reach the cultural attractions by foot.

cwi / at /mail.de

Jeanne Milot-Poulin, Canada, June 2019

I progressed a lot. My teacher Maria provided very interesting lessons. I had a very great time! I really recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn Russian while enjoying the beautiful city of Saint-Petersburg.

Clark Long IV, USA, May 2019

This was the experience of a lifetime. All the teachers are thoughtful, passionate and engaging. Financially, this was a more viable option than the local university, with similar curriculum and more cultural emersion. Everyone at ProBa Russian Language school rocks. I can’t wait to return to Saint-Petersburg, Russia one day.

Loes Wehrli, May 2019

It was just great to be here. All went smooth, I liked the lessons, the atmosphere, the city. I felt at home here in the school. I felt at ease with my teacher Natalia, she creates a warm atmosphere so I didn’t feel nervous or stupid when I didn’t immediately understand something. She takes the time to explain things and does not become upset when I again make a mistake. Time just went really quickly because it was a pleasure to have classes.

I was here for a week and did a private course. I liked it very much. Nice people, good atmosphere, patient, professional and friendly teacher which made that the time just flew by. Was fun and good. Hope to come again next year.

awe /at/ dplanet.ch

Igor Mozzilli, Italy, April 2019

My teachers Natalia and Maria were super. This school is good, I thank you so much.  Great teacher, environment and organization.

igor.mozzilli /at/ gmail.com

Rosen Dimov, Bulgaria, March 2019

Thank you for organizing everything. I know it was not easy because I have been studying by myself for just a few months. You have made a miracle! Natalia is very experienced and intellectual teacher, Julia is excellent and has a lot of energy. I chose this school because it seemed I am in good hands with someone who knows the job.

I definitely recommend my host-family and I hope to stay with them next time I am around. I am really pleased and thankful for quality education, very good value-for-money ratio! Keep up the great work!

Rosen /at/ iypf.com

Pierre-Olivier and Marie-Noëlle, Switzerland, February 2019

Excellent school in the center of the historic city, a dynamic and welcoming team, competent teachers, we enjoyed our two weeks of Russian lessons. 10 of 10! Thanks again to the whole team. 


Nicolas Leger, France, January 2019

Our teacher created an atmosphere where we talked only in Russian. She adapted to each student’s level. The learning process and the teacher were very cooperative and helpful. She is very experienced and managed to make all participants active in the course.
The other students and class materials were very useful and made the learning far easier and funny. I made a lot of progress and had a good time!


Regine Diefenbach, Germany, January 2019

Knowing the school from before and its standards, my expectations were completely met. Big plus also was that during winter time the class only consisted of 3 learners of about the same level.
The personal interaction with the teacher was good and we were challenged daily to achieve progress by digging into difficult grammar,interesting subjects and always conversational opportunities.

My hostfamily was very friendly, open, communicative and warm-hearted. Good atmosphere there! I could talk a lot in Russian, good conversations. Loved it there.

I was here with this school in 2016 and left very content.Should I know anyone interested in Russian courses, I will recommend the school!

I was very happy and content with my stay at Proba. The learning material covered many difficult areas of the Russian language which our teacher Natalia presented in an excellent way to us. We had plenty of opportunities to practise the language in discussions of interesting subjects. Ideal for this was a small group of participants of the same level. The atmosphere was very friendly and supporting. Special thanks to Masha and Oleg. Excursion to Rubinstein street was very interesting as well as the guided tour of Dostoevsky’s house/museum.

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