Lidia Perez Briquets, Spain, October 2017

My course in Proba was very personalized. I had very good and active teachers; theory and practical cases were perfectly mixed.

I had two teachers: Yana and Svetlana. Yana is wise and very well organized. Svetlana is active, full of energy, focused on objectives.

Proba is very good academy. I really enjoyed every day and lesson. I realized my objective; I felt very comfortable and very good interated. Whole personnel is nice, kind and professional. Teachers really understand what you need and help you. Thank you, I am very happy.

Спасибо большое!:)


Vlad Megyesi, Italy, September 2017

Cool! I learned a lot. Thrid time in your school!

My teacher, Sasha, is very good, very knowledgeable person. I had a great time learning with Sasha, I will definitly come again!


Basil Zumbrunnen, Switzerland, September 2017

I am really satisfied. I loved the courses at Proba, the teachers, Natalia and Maria, were great and we worked in small groups, wich helped a lot. 

Laura Marongiu, Italy, September 2017

I think I improved my Russian, in particular communication skills, and I am very satisfied.

My teacher Natalia is great, I really liked her teaching methods, and in particular I liked that she let us talk a lot because we really need it. She explains very clearly. With teacher Maria we did a lot of grammatic and we also read a lot, that was really good. 

It was nice to spend 7 weeks here! It was really helpfull for my Russian! Thank you 🙂 Hope to come back one day!

Feliciano Pacheco Dominguez, Spain, September 2017

Maria, mi profesora en Proba, tiene muy bien caracter y es muy buena explicando las cosas. Es una gran profecional. Mejoré mucho mis habilidades en conversación y gramática.


Emily Green, USA, September 2017

I am completely satisfied. My Russian has gotten a lot better.

Я люблю Яну и Наталью! Они очень добрые.

My host-family was very nice, Tamara talked to me in Russian a lot!

Спасибо! Я любила мое время в Proba. Я изучала очень много и я знаю, что мой русский язык стал намного лучше. Ура!

Nicolas Piccand, France, August 2017

The lessons in Proba were always very interesting and I could learn a lot in those 3 weeks. My teacher, Marina, also was very nice and asked a lot of me so I could progress.

Thank you for the great lessons and the great time in St. Petersburg!

Ruben Slot, Germany, August 2017

The course was fully tailored to my needs. I had an ability to set my own schedule, adapted to my needs. I like location of Proba, price was reasonable.

It is a great school, teachers adopt to level, offers flexibility in subjects covered and time spent in class.

Maddie Shapiro, USA, August 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed coming to class every day because it was a very kind enviroment.

My teacher Yana was very kind and patient, she is a lovely teacher. My host was very kind too, she always made breakfast and dinner. She would ask us about our days and always help us if we need it.

Thank you so much for this amazing experience, it is one that I will never forget. It was wonderful to see Russia and study Russian language in Russia!

Danièle Scheinmann, Switzerland, August 2017

I really enjoyed lessons with Alexandra Tarasova with her professionalism and patience. She is very competent and she help me a lot. She know exactly which I needed tu study for improving. Thank you again to her!


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