Ruben Slot, Germany, August 2017

The course was fully tailored to my needs. I had an ability to set my own schedule, adapted to my needs. I like location of Proba, price was reasonable.

It is a great school, teachers adopt to level, offers flexibility in subjects covered and time spent in class.

Maddie Shapiro, USA, August 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed coming to class every day because it was a very kind enviroment.

My teacher Yana was very kind and patient, she is a lovely teacher. My host was very kind too, she always made breakfast and dinner. She would ask us about our days and always help us if we need it.

Thank you so much for this amazing experience, it is one that I will never forget. It was wonderful to see Russia and study Russian language in Russia!

Danièle Scheinmann, Switzerland, August 2017

I really enjoyed lessons with Alexandra Tarasova with her professionalism and patience. She is very competent and she help me a lot. She know exactly which I needed tu study for improving. Thank you again to her!


Julen Aberasturi Liñera, Spain, August 2017

Teacher Yana Moiseeva is a great teacher and also a very nice person. She knows how to create a very good learning environment in the classroom. 

Sebastián Ortega, Argentina, Jule 2017

My teacher Yana was kind, thanks to her for good atention and patiance. I especially improved the Russian grammar.


Emlyn Phillips, UK, July 2017

The course was very good. In my host-family everybody very friendly and they have been very welcoming. I would like to get to know them better when my Russian improve.

This has been my second stay with Proba, and I hope there will be more!

Ariane Monteil, France, July 2017

Всё было чудесно! Спасибо большое!


Therésè Plasson, France, July 2017

My teacher Natalia always is smiling, happy, looks for answers of what we asked her the day before. And teacher Maria is stongly structured – I enjoyed very much.  


Ema Pongrašić, Croatia, July 2017

With Natalia, our teacher, we had very good oral exercices. My Russian grammar and writing became better more. The school have the low price and is close to the hotels in the centre.

Steve Livingston, USA, June 2017

In Proba I had good group and teacher. All my language skills became better. Love you all!

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