Animal Idioms in Russian

There are several ways to master your conversational Russian and one of them is to learn idioms. Using them in a conversation makes speech more expressive and comprehensible. Idioms keep…

Maslenitsa Days

Maslenitsa (“maslo” in Russian means butter) or Fat Tuesday, Mardi-Gras, Shrovetide is a celebration of the end of winter which is held for one week before the beginning of Lent….

The Only Monument

The ProBa Language Centre is located on Rubinstein street where a lot of famous writers and artists lived and worked. But there is only one monument on this street and…

Dostoevsky Museum: Excursion Starts from the Doors of our School

We start the series of posts about the interesting places and monuments that are located around the ProBa Language Center. The Dostoevsky literary-memorial museum is located in the last apartment…

The VII St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum

The St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum annually attracts thousands of experts in the field of culture from all over the world: starts of theater, opera and ballet, renowned directors and…

History of Rubinstein Street

Rubinstein Street, where ProBa Language Centre situates, is located in the heart of Saint-Petersburg, near Nevsky Prospect – the main street of our city. This street was named after Anton…

Matryoshka Doll History

Matryoshka doll (or Russian nesting or nested doll) is a doll made of wood that can be separated horizontally in half and holds inside another similar but smaller doll that…

Several essential tips to start learning the Russian language – advice from Ilona Pshenichnikova, ProBa School teacher.

Learning the Russian language requires a lot of dedication, as any other language does. There are some advice made by our teacher Ilona Pshenichnikova on how to learn Russian. The first…

St.-Petersburg’s stadium to hold a series of the tournaments as a part of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

As the loyal football fans are already know, the FIFA World Cup 2018 will be throughout Russia, and, of course, Saint-Petersburg is one of the cities to organize the tournaments….

Russian Easter

Easter (russ.: Пaсха [Paskha]) is the major religious celebration of the year in Russia. Kids and adults, city dwellers and country folk go to church to attend the Easter Mass….

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