I am from Italy. Could you help me with long-term visa?

Yes, all your documents will be forwarded to our Representative Visa Agency in Rome. Our representatives will help you with visa procedure and visa forms in the Russian Consulate. This service is free for our students.

I am thinking about staying on for another week or two beyond the return date I gave you. Will this cause a problem with the Russian Visa? That is, is the visa issued only for the dates specified on the document I’m to give the embassy?

Your visa is valid only up to the end of the period specified in our invitation. In case you really want to stay longer, please, let us know at least the approximate date of your departure from Russia and we shall issue you a new invitation. That would be much easier as the process of the visa’s prolongation is really too complex and hard.

Why should I pay Enrollment fee – EURO 75 ?

The Enrollment fee (EURO 75) includes the registration fee at the school, issuing of the invitation for the Russian Entry Visa and reservation of accommodation for all period of stay.

Your course sounds very interesting to me, but I am a little bit in doubt, if it is the right course for me, because I am already 50 years old and will probably be the “grandpa” of the course and of course I am not so quick in learning anymore as when I was with 25 years.

Russian Courses at ProBa Language School are recommended not only for young people, but also for senior students (more than 50 years old) Please read our information for Senior Students

Will someone be meeting me at the airport? If not, how do I get to the homestay family’s house? If the homestay doesn’t start until Sunday, should I plan to spend one night in a hotel?

Transfer is included in the Course fee. Our representative will meet you at the airport and transfer to the place of accommodation. Homestay start until your arrival.

I have only 3 days to organize my trip to Russia. Is it enough time to get the visa and book the course?

We confirm the course within 24 hours. The Consulates may have different regulations, but in the most cases it is possible to get the visa very fast. For 30-days visa we send the invitation within 24 hours.
Here is the example of regulations of Russian Consulate in Roma, Italy:
You can get the visa in: 7 days, 6 days, 3-5 days, 1 day or in 1 hour. All options have different prices: from 25 euro to 130 euro. You need to bring all the documents to the consulate in correct form: Passport in original Medical insurance *, 1 Photo, Invitation (copies accepted). You have to fill in the form (form 95) – you find on the consulate’s website or in the consulate.
*The school does not provide the students with the insurance, please check with your local insurance company.

What is the currency in Russia and should I bring cash, traveller’s checks or credit cards?

The local currency is roubles. The exchange rate depends upon the rates of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the bank where you’d like to change money. All the banks of St. Petersburg offer their services for the cash advance transactions. The most popular credit cards to do it are Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard and American Express (commission is from 1 to 4%). With traveller’s checks we advise you to bring American Express as they are accepted practically everywhere (commission is from 1 to 5%). You can also get cash at the bank machines which can be found in different places. Be aware of the fact that plastic cards as the way of payment is not really widely spread in St. Petersburg. Plastic cards are accepted mainly by major hotels, restaurants and stores. Most of the shops in St. Petersburg accept only cash in roubles.

What should I bring with me? Should I plan on bringing personal items like towels and bedsheets and pillows, or will my host family allow me use of theirs?

Of course your host family provides you two complete set of bedding and towels. Speaking about your everyday needs, we advise you to bring only the medicines you use if any. The other things might be easily found and bought here.
St. Petersburg now is different from St. Petersburg of about 10 years ago and the choice of goods is practically the same your have in your own country. We also advise you to bring some small souvenirs traditional for your country as the possible presents for the host-family or teachers.

Electrical gadgets

Electrical system in Russia is 220 V/50 Hz. We have two-pin European standard plugs. Please, bring your own converters if you need them.

I am interested in the work and study in Russia programme. i wondered what level is required at the start

You may start from “zero”. The most probably variant, that after finishing the monthly course you’ll be able to communicated easily in common everyday situations.

Is there any age limit? I’m 16 and would like to join the Courses.

There are no age limit for course participants. If you have the valid passport and can get the Russian entry visa, you may join any type of our courses and programs.
The course are sertified by S.A.F.E. and could be recommend for all ages.

I would like to get TRKI – sertificate. What course I should book?

You may start from “zero”. The most probably variant, that after finishing the monthly course you’ll be able to communicated easily in common everyday situations.

I am from Spain. How can I get the Russian Visa fast?

– Lo primero que necesitas es concertar una cita con el consulado de Espana, en la web www.rusmad.com – Ve al consulado el dia y la hora indicada, portando cinco cosas:
1 – Pasaporte: valido hasta al menos 6 meses despues de la fecha que te tienes previsto viajar a Rusia.
2 – Formulario relleno: puedes descargarlo de la pagina web donde hacer la reserva de la cita.
3 – Foto carnet: pegada al formulario.
4 – Seguro medico: valido para Rusia y valido cubriendo al menos las fechas que se solicita el visado.
5 – Invitacion: original enviado por la persona que vive en Rusia, compania, etc., de quien te invite. Puedes leer mucha informacion erronea en internet. En realidad solo necesitas estas cosas y cuesta 35 euros en Madrid y tarda sobre una semana. La invitacion tarda alrededor de un mes y el precio depende del tipo de invitacion.
Oscar Martin Garcia ( Course participant)

My friend would like to visit me during my Russian Language Course in St. Petersburg. Could you provide him with the invitation and help with transfer?

Yes, you may get invitation for your friend and book transfer in the office. The additional fee for transfer is EURO 40. Please send you request before arrival in order we could accommodate you in double room.

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