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Rivers and Canals in St Petersburg

St Petersburg is famous for its canals and rivers. Wherever you look you see water and bridges stretched from one bank to another. The waterways altogether have 300 km in length. Many of them are usually nice and quiet places to have a walk. During the winter when the canals are frozen many people choose unordinary tracks to explore: they descend onto the ice and skate or just stroll, the boldest of them ride snowmobiles.

But in summer water turns into something magic. Whenever you’re tired while taking a walk around the city, you can stop for a while and enjoy all kinds of St Petersburg famous wind. Just don’t forget taking a jacket or a shawl as the wind and the water can be deceitful – not being cautious enough you immediately catch a cold.

In the night the rivers and canals light up with the reflection of city lights and become a great way to explore the sights. You can take a boat and see the most fascinating event taking place at night – the opening of the Palace Bridge. While taking a summer course you can do it any day as many tourist agencies offer such service. Some of them even have excursions in different languages. If you want to intensify you summer program we’ll be glad to help you reserve an excursion in Russian language.

Hi! I'm Kate, a Course Manager of ProBa Language school. I've veen studying languages and world culture for quite a while and I'm really fond of it. Though being so interested in everything what happens around the world, I still admire Russia and I will be glad to answer your questions about our country :)

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