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Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines in St Petersburg

The arcade machines were invented in the 19th century in the USA. But in Russia they were first seen in 1971 in Moscow. It was extraordinary popular. Having seen such interest to these machines the government decided to make adopted versions. Russian production was launched in 1976 and cost a lot of money. The production of one machine could be compared in cost with a car.

The popularity of these machines was phenomenal. That’s why it paid back very fast – in the course of 5-6 months. They became the symbol of USSR children’s childhood. Many adults now feel nostalgic while recollecting the games and famous soda drinks sold in one of the machines.THE MUSEUM OF SOVIET ARCADE MACHINES

In this museum you can turn back in time and become a USSR pioneer for an hour or two. You can also try the famous sodas sold by the original machine. 

In the photo you can see our students playing in this extraordinary museum. Will you join us next time?

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