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This is a museum of miniature of St Petersburg in the 18th century. It is a remarkable model of major sights in the city of those times. There are plenty of buildings that haven’t been preserved to the present moment. You can see deep forests at the places where now the housing estate is.

students studying russianWhat makes this exposition unique is the quantity of moving objects all around the miniature. It makes the visit even more interactive. You can see some historical events in action – all you need to do is just to push the button.

In the photo you can see our students visiting the museum. They were glad to learn more about the history and traditions in Russia.

Hi! I'm Kate, a Course Manager of ProBa Language school. I've veen studying languages and world culture for quite a while and I'm really fond of it. Though being so interested in everything what happens around the world, I still admire Russia and I will be glad to answer your questions about our country :)

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