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Shrovetide – Maslenitsa

Shrovetide in Russia (or Maslenitsa) is one of the most cheerful and popular holidays all over the country. The major part of the celebration takes part on last Sunday before the Great Lent though the festivity lasts all the preceding week. All of the cities and towns organize festivals and fairs where people celebrate the coming of spring. Here in St. Petersburg you can also become a witness of it if you happen to take a course of Russian in February.

This is an ancient Slavic holiday inherited with some features of pagan culture. An essential part of the celebration is the burning of the stuffed figure representing winter. One more integral part is pancakes. They are the symbol of the sun and are made to welcome the spring. It is thought that the larger the celebration the better the harvest to come.

The custom also includes some special activities like sledding, horse sleigh riding and fistfights.

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