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The Old New Year

winterThe Old New Year is a traditional Russian holiday that takes place on January 14. It is celebrated by the Julian Calendar, according to which the beginning of the new year was shifted. Though the holiday is informal it is very popular to celebrate this day. In Russia it appeared in 1918 when the state adopted the Gregorian Calendar, but the Russian Orthodox Church kept using the Julian.

The tradition has rooted quite deeply in Russian practice. It is widely enjoyed and it finishes the cycle of New Year celebrations, which usually ends with Eastern Orthodox Christmas.

Though this day is usually an ordinary workday in the evening of January 13 many people gather for parties. Many families unite for supper to mark the end of the holidays. And this is the date after which all the decorations are removed. Our school also tries to maintain festive atmosphere in our students’ souls at least to this date.

We offer special language courses “Russian Winter” during this time. You may take part at this holiday. (See program)

Hi! I'm Kate, a Course Manager of ProBa Language school. I've veen studying languages and world culture for quite a while and I'm really fond of it. Though being so interested in everything what happens around the world, I still admire Russia and I will be glad to answer your questions about our country :)

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