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Regine Diefenbach, Germany, January 2019

Knowing the school from before and its standards, my expectations were completely met. Big plus also was that during winter time the class only consisted of 3 learners of about the same level.
The personal interaction with the teacher was good and we were challenged daily to achieve progress by digging into difficult grammar,interesting subjects and always conversational opportunities.

My hostfamily was very friendly, open, communicative and warm-hearted. Good atmosphere there! I could talk a lot in Russian, good conversations. Loved it there.

I was here with this school in 2016 and left very content.Should I know anyone interested in Russian courses, I will recommend the school!

I was very happy and content with my stay at Proba. The learning material covered many difficult areas of the Russian language which our teacher Natalia presented in an excellent way to us. We had plenty of opportunities to practise the language in discussions of interesting subjects. Ideal for this was a small group of participants of the same level. The atmosphere was very friendly and supporting. Special thanks to Masha and Oleg. Excursion to Rubinstein street was very interesting as well as the guided tour of Dostoevsky’s house/museum.

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