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Auli Kuivalainen, Finland, May 2018

I had the best teacher! I have been so lucky to have Alexandra as my teacher! I cannot find enough positive adjectives to describe her qualification as a teacher. She knew my tempo of learning. She is just outstanding in everything conserning teaching Russian. She is amazing. Her personality is also so lovely. I have learned really much during 2 weeks. I want to come back this year and continue to study the Russian language with her. I started at beginner’s level, so I knew only the letters. After 2 weeks, I left the course with so much knowledge! My host Anastasia was so nice as well! She is always happy and friendly, very social. It was nice to return home in the afternoon after classes, her smile is each time welcoming. Also, the location of the apartment I lived in was convenient: it was near the metro and the school, shops, banks, etc. My best recommendations!


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