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St. Michael’s Castle – study excursion

iSt. Michael’s Castle is situated in the historic centre of St. Petersburg. It is one of the most significant architectural monuments of the XVIII century. It has become the only prominent architectural achievement during the Paul’s I reign.

Paul I was determined to make this castle his residence and was so obsessed with its construction that the materials for building were taken from Pella Palace, marble was delivered from the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. The construction carried on day and night under the torch light and was finished at very short time (through 1797).

There’re several legends connected with this castle. One of them says the Emperor, who believed in mystics, was destined to live as many years as there are letters in the sign on the gate. When he was assassinated the letters were counted – the numbers coincided. Another legend says his ghost still wanders in the castle.

ProBa Russian Language school offers study excursion to St. Michael’s Castle. Nowadays it is a museum where permanent and temporary exhibitions take place. You can easily reach this sight from our school if you take a walk along the Fontanka river.

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