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The ProBa Language School offers students the opportunity to live with other students of various nationalities while studying. In this way the schared flats are established where students have the opportunity live and interact with other cultures. All shared flats are located in the city-centre, fully equipped and, in addition to bedrooms, provide a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen and at least one bathroom. The apartments are normally shared by 2-3 students. Every student get single room. The prices of each room is Euro 24/day/person.  

Example of our shared flats:

Shared flat Kuznechny – 10 min walk from the school

doublebedroom vew1 singlebedroom vew1 singlebedroom no 2 vew2 kitchen vew 1


Shared flat Stremyannaya – 5 min walk from the school

4 2 5 1


Shared flat Zagorodny – 5 min walk from the school

P1170292 S7300741 S7300743 P1170293


Accommodation fee:  Euro 24 per day

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