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We Teach Russian in the Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg.

St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This status is given, first of all, due to architecture of the historic core of the city. There one can see fusion of different styles: Baroque, Neoclassical and Russian-Byzantine.
It is also remarkable for its logical space composition. The straight streets, the spacious squares, the numerous canals, the bridges (more than 400), the parks and the gardens emerge into the unique architecture ensemble.

Peter and Paul Fortress became one of the first major buildings in the historic centre. In the middle of the XVIII century the new city project was developed. The Admiralty building was planned as a place where 3 road would meet. And thus Nevsky Prospect was meant to be one of them.

In the following decades many historic buildings were constructed. They represent many famous architects, styles and famous residents who lived and created in St. Petersburg. Our Russian Language school is located near Nevsky Prospect – Rubinsteina str. , which is one of the main streets where many notable people lived. In 1990 the historic centre was recognized to be of world’s architectural heritage. It is registered in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Hi! I'm Kate, a Course Manager of ProBa Language school. I've veen studying languages and world culture for quite a while and I'm really fond of it. Though being so interested in everything what happens around the world, I still admire Russia and I will be glad to answer your questions about our country :)

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