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New Year Holidays in Russia – What to Do in St. Petersburg

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Winter is approaching and soon we will be surrounded by magical atmosphere of New Years and Christmas holidays. You can already see the Christmas tree here and there and festive lights. When the snow falls and the streets are lightening up, we feel that miracles are possible and your dreams may come true. If you decided to get to know St. Petersburg during this beautiful and special time to learn Russian language during our 2-weeks Russian Winter program, take a look at the list of the highlights of the holiday season in St.Petersburg:

New Year’s Celebration 

The biggest scale celebration in Russia is New Year. Even to the extent that we celebrate it twice. In the Soviet times the calendar was changed (“new style”) so the Christmas date was moved to January 7th and wasn’t celebrated officially that is why the main attention was attracted to New Year and it still remains so. Due to the same reason we celebrate two new year’s! That’s right, on the night from December 31st to January 1st and on January 13th (“by old style”).

On midnight after 12 bells rang everybody drinks champagne, makes a wish and goes out, sets off fireworks and Bengal lights congratulating each other. Big gathering happens near the main Christmas tree on Palace Square.

Fairs and Market

We recommend you to visit a Christmas fair not only to get marvelous hand-made gifts from local businesses (from wool socks to caramel whiskey butter) but to get a festive mood and drink some hot spicy glug wine or cocoa. Some of them have ice-skating rinks!

Christmas fairs, bazaars and markets: Stieglitz academy (December 21-22), Annekirche church (December 18-22), New Holland Island (December 17-January 8), Pioneer Square (December 12 – January 13), Sevkabel space.  


Christmas special programs and concerts

Every theatre, concert hall and cultural space prepare the holiday program. For example, you can listen to the Nutcracker Christmas concert in Yaani Kirik (Estonian Lutheran parish) or visit Planetarium #1 for the classical music-immersion program. 

Eager to start on this journey? Pass the test to find out your level of Russian and apply for the program for the unbelievable holidays in the marvelous winter St. Petersburg. 

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