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First of May – Holiday in Russia and our work day in the school

On May 1, Russia and our international students celebrates the Spring and Labor Day.
It replaced the International Day of Solidarity of Workers, which was celebrated in Soviet times. The celebration was prepared for at least a month. Posters with slogans were drawn on large cotton boards – the most popular one was  “Long Live May 1!”, photos of famous political figures were printed.
The first parade took place in Moscow in 1918. Workers marched on Red Square, and they were greeted by representatives of the CPSU party. Music sounded, people sang songs. Even small children were taken to the parade, their parents put them on their shoulders.
Today, for many Russians, it is simply a spring holiday and an extra day off: see our cultural program!
The holiday received its current name in 1992. Nowadays, Spring and Labor Day is a family holiday, when it is customary to go outdoors and open the dacha season.

The school is open and we have classes as usual!

Our teachers in the school today:

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