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Events near ProBa: the Literature Festival

“D-Day 89” – this is the name of the festival devoted to Sergey Dovlatov, a Soviet dissident writer who immigrated to the US as his ironic and truthful texts were subject to rejection in Soviet literature. This year, D-Day 89 will take place for the third time in St. Petersburg. 

The festival was organized for the first time in 2016 when a monument to Dovlatov was set up on Rubinstein street where he lived. It’s an example when the local initiative was supported by the local government. This year the main theme is the 30-year anniversary from 1989 – Perestroika in Soviet Union and the time when Dovlatov’s books were published in Russia for the first time becoming available for readers.

The busy program includes spectacles, exhibitions, walking tours, lectures from experts, books’ presentations and other events. ProBa School is located on Rubinstein street so you can reach the main site within a few minutes. And why not learn something about Russian literature and culture after your classes?


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