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Attention Parents: L’École française de Saint-Pétersbourg!

Dear students and followers! Have you ever thought about education in French for your children? We want to introduce you our  partner “L’École française de Saint-Pétersbourg” – not far from our Language School, the very Centre of St Petersburg. This school accepts children from 2 years old. EFSP is a school approved by the French Ministry of Education and located in the heart of St. Petersburg. It is a part of the ODYSSEY network of schools and the worldwide AEFE network, which consists of more than 530 schools, colleges and lycées on five continents. Pedagogical activities are conducted in French, Russian and English and are organized in five areas using modern education and official French programs.

Entering European universities, their graduates easily cope with the entrance exams, as they can express their thoughts perfectly in written and oral form in English and French. Their classrooms are equipped with modern equipment, which significantly increases the efficiency of learning and makes lessons interesting. The space is organized in such a way that each child feels comfortable and less tired during the learning process. Interactive whiteboards and multimedia projectors allow us to show videos, presentations and other visual materials. This helps students better understand complex concepts and topics, and makes lessons more visual and memorable.

We recommend this school for you and your children!

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