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“Russian Project”: Learn Russian Language and Work as a Volunteer

This project is aimed at people willing not only to study the language but also to do something in order to experience life as it is. We offer you the unique opportunity of having highly intensive Russian Language course (20 lessons per week in Mini-Grpoup) and practical work as a volunteer at the local charity organization or as a Foreign language teacher at our school.
Such work gives the possibility to have more intensive language practice and life experience for our students. The volunteer work will be organized after your Russian lessons – after lunch time.

Teaching in Russia

This project is targeted at participants willing to spend more time in Russia to achieve good level of Russian Language and to engage in practical work teaching foreign languages. The main aim of the project is to let students as well as teachers understand the ways and methods of teaching subjects in different countries of the world, to exchange views and opinions and to get additional life experience. Try yourself as a teacher! We invite you to teach foreign language at the evening courses with Russian students.
You may have 4-12 lessons per week with Russian students, according your desire and timetable. Your teaching will be organized after your Russian lessons – after lunch time or in the evening.

Our English – Speaking Club

speaking club


Saint-Petersburg Social Charity Organization “Pokrovsky Society”

Residents of the shelter

This organization was formed in 2000 and has worked on different projects since then. Unfortunately, the government doesn’t have an adapted and proved support for homeless people. The staff includes the head of the Society, coordinator and a nurse. The organization helps to homeless patients in Mariinsky hospital, maintenance of the Shelter for disabled homeless people and the home for elderly people “Pokrovsky Society”. Seminars, conferences and exhibitions remain an important part of cultural and enlightening mission of the Society.  


  • Shelter for disabled homeless people 

8 people live in the special apartment in the same building where Pokrovsky Society’s office is located in the city center (20 min walking distance from school). They’re in transition here as they are homeless people who got into the hospital, received the medical help and now are waiting for their new documents and transfer to the residential care home for the permanent residency. Meanwhile 5 men and 3 women always live there.

They are happy to share their leisure time with you. The schedule will be created up to you, usually it is 1-2 hours a few times a week after lunchtime.

Here’s what you can offer: conversation – record and listen to their stories for the Society project; workshop, art-therapy, knitting, singing, playing musical instruments – anything related to arts and crafts; gymnastics, walks in the park; accompany a person to a museum or chapel; English lessons; Read Russian literature/poetry together or if you’d like to present something in your own language; movie watching and discussion.

Residents during the art-therapy class

  • The Mariinsky Hospital

We offer our clients to spend some time working as volunteers at one of the St. Petersburg hospitals after your Russian lessons. This is quite a usual and ordinary state hospital for people suffering from different diseases. There are two main departments in the hospital: Therapy and Surgical. According to our program volunteers will help people staying at the Therapy department of the hospital.

After the lessons our volunteers will act as ordinary nurses and work hand-to-hand with the Russian personnel of the department. Together with their Russian colleagues our volunteers will do their best to bring sick people back into regular life. This is really hard but noble job.
Generally you will spend 2-8 hours per week in the hospital, according to your desire and availability.

Study&Work Summary

Program Type Language Course Practical Work Starting Dates Course fee total Notes rank_math_title rank_math_description rank_math_canonical_url rank_math_facebook_title rank_math_facebook_description rank_math_facebook_image rank_math_twitter_title rank_math_twitter_description rank_math_twitter_image rank_math_twitter_use_facebook rank_math_analytic_object_id rank_math_og_content_image
Russian Project 4 weeks4 weeks with 20 lessons/weekincludedevery weekEURO 1950accommodation includedoff258Array
Russian Project 8 weeks8 weeks with 20 lessons/weekincludedevery weekEURO 3290accommodation included
Russian Project 12 weeks12 weeks with 20 lessons/weekincludedevery weekEURO 4190accommodation included

Services included in the Program Fee: transfer from the airport, assessment test, tuition and teaching material, course certificate, information material, accommodation in the shared student flat or in the host family, tea/coffee during the breaks, free access to the Internet.

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