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Frank Lankeit, Germany – June 2005

Kompetente Lehrer, freundlicher Empfang, dadurch auf Niveau des Lernende abgestimmt.
Meine Lehrerin war sehr geduldig; konnte in jeden Fall alles auf Englisch erklaeren.

E-mail: frank.lankeit/at/airbus.com

Simon Kunz, Switzerland – March 21, 2005

I appreciated the quick identification of my skills at the very beginning of the course. My teacher Seva has a very thorough knowledge of the Russian Language. He has the great ability to explain understandably why things are as they are. The teacher had a great ability to evaluate where to put the focus of the course in order to make a maximum of progress in a short period of time. However, 2 weeks are definitely the absolute
minimum even with good RFL knowledge at the beginning. I would like to return to my hostfamily without hesitation. I’ll come back…

E-mail: kunz.simon/at/hispeed.ch

David Mackenzie- Crooks, UK – January15, 2005

For both the teachers and students it would be helpful, in my view, to change teachers for 2-3 session a week. We would hear different voices, and teachers would have relief from difficult students. I don’t think that using only Russian for students, who know almost nothing of the language, is the best way to teach. We changed to part English-part Russian after a few days and made much more progress, “Modern” teaching methods aren’t necesserily the best. Ivan Sheiko: A good, concientious and hard-working teacher. We made good progress in our second 2 weeks. He went out of his way to provide extra material, typing much of it at home in his own time.
He has a particularly good knowledge of the nuannnces of Russian and ita etymology. He may prefer to teach more educated students than us with his skills. I feel we got on very well together however. He has a delightful sense of humour!
It is useful to have a tangible sense of progression and a final goal in any study.
Hostfamily: Olga provided a very clean and tidy house with great food, and relationship was excellent. Olga went out of her way to talk to us in Russian and was always helpful. Strongly recommended. The children were also helpful and very courteous.

E-mail: emsey/at/wick.ndo.co.uk

Travis Bagby – January 10, 2005

I like my stay here and could recommend this school for language learning

E-mail: emodin1/at/hotmail.com

Judith Wischhof – December 7, 2004

Ich hatte eine gute Lehrerin, die sich Zeit genommen hat alles gut zu erklaren, die Studenten waren nett, die Schulaktivitaeten (vecherinkas, dacha),
die Familie war nett, alles in allem Unkompliziert. Es war nur ein Vergnugen in der Schule zu sein, das erste Mal seit 13 Jahren lernte ich nicht nur
erfolgreich, sondern auch mit Freude! 🙂

E-mail: Judith85/at/gmx.de

Citibank – Crashcourses July, 2004

Thank you for teaching so much in such a short time.


Boehler Aymeric, September 2015

I had good relations with my host family. The host lady is very welcome, friendly and help me very vell in learning the language.


Anne Marie Raymond, France, September 2015

My courses was supposed to improve my conversation/understand grammar and I am fully pleased with it. My teacher is very professional!


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