Dina Staats, Holland, July 2008

learned a lot. Especially the combination of lessons and communication with the host family was very good. Balance between different aspects is very good. More stress is on grammar and conversation, than on reading and writing, which I consider a good balance.
You offered the most interesting programme in comparison with other schools. I was very happy the school organised the trip to Novgorod. It would have been great if also more activities were organised, but I understand that I stayed in St. Petersburg during “very hot saison”.
I can recommend take lessons in the ProBa Language school very much. I could advise you to stay with a host family, as this will help you a lot to learn how to speak Russian.


Roberta Molinari, Italy, July 2008

It was a wonderful experience! Hope I can come back sometime. People in the school are really nice and sweet ( specially Ira and Marina). I really thank you for everything.

E-mail: reburta/at/hotmail.com

Henk Slabbekoorn, Holland, June 2008, June 2010!!!

Pleasant atmosphere, good study materials, good teachers. Well situated school, with friendly teachers, good learning material, interesting excursions and evenings. Russian language plus much attention to Russian life and culture. Triple RRR, Russian Language, Russian Life, Russian people (teachers): ‘p-RRR-oba’… !

E-mail: hc.slabbekoorn/at/zeeland.nl

Sasha Galitzine, England, June 2008

Really enjoyed the couse! I loved the friendly communal atmosphere and environement teachers with the students. Everyvere was very welcoming – the trips on the weekend are also brilliant idea – the course was very enjoyable + interesting.


E-mail: sashagalitzine/at/hotmail.co.uk

Byron Vallentine, Australia, April-May 2008

ProBa has excellent teachers, materials, facilities and location. The individual classes were well placed and enjoyable with interesting contemporary topics and the school had a convivial atmosphere. St. Petersburg is a fantastic city and however much time here won’t be enough to enjoy it all.
My host family. I thought that Irina was an excellent hostess. She was friendly, prepared everything well and spent time talking with me in Russian!

Mr.Koka Takamine, Japan, April 2008

Small group, good classes and very professional teachers. Thank you for your work.

Friends School of Baltimore, USA, March – April, 2008 Lizzie Frost, Allie Taeger, Emily Keamy-Minor, Jacki LaBua, Kara Woo, Jennifer Schmidt, Michael Mandelkorn, Matt West, Matt Moses, Vernon Brehon, Will Sundstrom, James Sakamoto-Wengel , Rill Causey, Shannon Johnson, Brenda Peterson.

The students are SO happy with their time in St. Petersburg. They fell in love with St. Petersburg and said that everyone — their families, their teachers and you were so helpful and kind. They had only wonderful things to say. That is a huge compliment to you all. I was astonished by how much their Russian improved! Thanks again and we will definitely plan this again. L.Roby

friends school of baltimore

Mr. Guillaume Rocher, France, Jan-Feb 2008

It has been a very nice and very impressive course! I am very happy to have done it with this school which is absolutely a beautiful experience. To summarize, I would say that the methodolody is so nice that the succes is only depending on our proper mortivations. Everything is done in order to succeed in it!


Matthias Scheffler, Germany, Crash Business Course, February 2008

Now I am sure I will be able to speak in a good way Russian till end of this year! Thanks for that!



url: www.obi.de

Mr. William Morrison, USA, November 2007

Two excellent teachers, linked as a team. I noticed substantial improvement in many aspects. My host lady took care of the cooking extremly well. She is very pleasant.

E-mail: morrisonwm/at/comcast.net

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