Gianluca Codenotti, Italy, December 2008

Complimenti per la professionalitá. Insegnanti molto bravi e simpatici. Acco guenza super, Grazie

E-mail: luca/at/codenotti.com

Pilar Garrard, UK, December 2008

Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Short but sweet! Keep up the good work! I hope to come back soon.

E-mail: pfg24/at/cam.ac.uk

Karl – Heinz Schulte, Germany, December 2008

Thanks for two powerful weeks with amazing results. You managed to turn Grammar into practice.
70 individual hours allowed a quick and deep dive-in into Russian language. Perfectly committed, well experienced and prepared teachers acted as target oriented driving forces. Большое Спасибо!

E-mail: k.h.s/at/sode.de

Germano Faccinetti, Italy, December 2008

Great impressions! Good teacher, small group and central location. Ciao!

E-mail: germanoitalia/at/yahoo.it

Brenda C. Moron, USA, December 2008

I’m completely satisfied with my 5-months course because the teachers were totally cool yet proffesional, the courses were easy to understand. The staff is truly helpful. Whenever there would be any trouble the problem was promptly adressed. Ira is a great teacher, she’s abundantly helpful and understanding, also very knowledgable. !! Hasta luego, ojala los veremos pronto! Espero regresar y continuar mi educacion en esta escuela del idioma Ruso.

E-mail: infinite8flux/at/gmail.com

Artur Olof, Netherlands, November 2008

After a good assessment of my level, I joined a small group with students from different ages and countries, what made a very nice informal mix. The more so, since our teacher Vsevolod was very skilled and, moreover, a very pleasant person, also after classes… Thus, not only did I learn and practice a lot in all respects (reading, writing, talking, singing! and understanding), I really enjoyed the course, it is true value for money! I will certainly return soon, and if meanwhile the occasion arises, I will be happy to get into joint ventures with ProBa and its staff. Hearty recommendations from Arthur Olof, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


E-mail: aolof/at/xs4all.nl

Didier Hugenin, Switzerland, November 2008

Выучить русский язык в Питере был для меня новый опыт, очень интересный. Школа разположена не далеко от метро, персонал приятный, помещение уютное. Советую всем желающих посетить эту школу и прожить в Петере на несколько недель. Всем спасибо и кто знает, до скорого! Дидье

Maria Helm, USA, October 2008

Thank for an amazing 3 weeks! Wonderful teachers and staff, friendly atmosphere and excellent teaching methode. I’m sure I’ll return to study with you in the future.

E-mail: helm.marie/at/gmail.com

Federico Morosoli, Switzerland, – “Russian for Teenagers Special Course”

My mother’ve choosen the program for me. It was fun and useful!

E-mail: juliarenaux/at/hotmail.com

Wesley A Harrison, USA, August 2008

GOOD PRICE + GOOD LOCATION!!! Very friendly people! Helpful in many ways! THANKS! :))))

E-mail: macaco/at/comcast.net

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